blue velvet & sunshine

Yes.  Another one.

From the same book as my last doily.  This one is called:  Blue Velvet.

Gorgeous pineapples (to which I seem quite enamoured with lately) but for some reason this has come out waaaaaaaaaaaay smaller than the finished 34 inches stated in the pattern. 

I never check gauge on a doily --- if it calls for size 10 thread and size 7 steel hook, I know the end result will not be that much off.  But sheesh! the first 3 rnds were suppose to be almost 4 inches in diameter.  Really?  Just how big was that hook?  Or am I just the tightest crocheter in the world?

Needless to say it is still quite beautiful & flow-ey & blue velvety & it's. a. doily. ( And as much as my family thinks I am completely nuts for being in love with these things --- well, I am.)

Now about the sunshine. 

The uber-talented & inspirational Melissa (who, btw -- is instrumental with me getting this completed) gave me a bit of sunshine with this lovely award. 

Thank you, Melissa.  (You have no idea how grateful I am to you for keeping me focused!)

Part of winning this award is telling a little bit of myself.

How about with pictures?

Here is everything (well....almost everything) I adore:

And now I get to nominate 10 recipients of this sunshine award. 


I will give this same award to the first 10 who comment on this post....

1. Aisyah (my dearest of blogirl-friends who inspires/motivates/ & inspires me some more!)
2. Jane S. (who left such a lovely comment)
3. Cherrie (who has been w/ me since the beginning -- I adore her!)
4. Tammy (oh, my goodness! she finds beauty in the remotest of places!)
5. Penelope ( I Love her talent and projects -- and that's with a capital L!)
6. Charlotte (yard sales & crochet --- ok. what more is there?)
7Alessandra (beauty from Italy)
8. Anna (simply one of my favorites)
9. Ana Paula (gorgeous crochet that I covet admire deeply!) 
10. La Mañosa (if only, if only! I could have an ounce of her quilting skills!)

Okay, girls!  Grab your sunshine, tell us about yourselves and nominate 10 other gorgeously talented girls!

And thank you --- all of you!  Your blog-friendship is definite sunshine in my world.


Aisyah Helga said...

Congrats, Dawn on your award! I love your doily and the color is just so 'us'(purple lovers)!

Melissa said...

glad i could be of some help! your blanket and all your crocheting is amazing!

Jane S. said...

Pretty, so pretty! I love doilies too, partly because my grandma used to make them but also because they're just so darn neat. They make any table look good...says she who doesn't have any end tables or coffee tables to put doilies on.

willywagtail said...

I'm not linking about the award although congratulations are in order there too but about the incredible blue of your doily. I haven't the patience to crochet such intricate pieces but am always overjoyed when I find strong coloured ones in the op shop. Absolutely magnificent. Forget the family's opinion. Trust ME! That is terrific!!! Cherrie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That is the prettiest of blues! I love making doilies but have never tried anything that intricate. Heck, I just figured out the granny square after all these years. I am very much pattern illiterate so not always successful at everything I try. At a certain point, or too many rows, and my eyes glaze over. :/ Have a wonderful day! Tammy

Unknown said...

Dawn, I love your doily it´s so beautiful. And you crochet tight and nice, I think that a tight crochet is much more beautiful than a loose crochet.
Hjippie for your win, but I have said that I am done with awards, so thanks but no thanks, I hope that it is ok?
Have a wonderful summer,

Penny said...

You are one talented lady, such perfection in your doily, love that blue velvet colour just heavenly xox Well done on your sunshinewin, well deserved for sure xox Penelope

Charlotte said...

I love that book also! I have tried to make almost everything in it. Love your doilies. I alos ignore the gauge and just crochet! That's why I have never been able to make a garment that fit :-)

Alessandra said...

SEi davvero brava, spero un giorno di diventarlo anche io. Bello quel blu ^_^

Anna said...

Love to see a gorgeous doily like yours.

Ana Paula said...

Hi, your crochet is wonderful, congratulations!


Ana Paula
Salinha do Croché

Misty said...

Dawn, your doily is beautiful! I love that shade of blue (is that the bamboo thread?). There is just something extra special and extra beautiful about your doilies!

Aisyah Helga said...

Thank you so much, Dawn!!

Jessie Rayot said...

How absolutely beautiful! The more I see your lovely doily creations, the more I am tempted to fill my home with some of my own. I think you might just have a wee bit more patients then me.

glor said...

How beautiful this doily is and the color amazing. I adore doilies too. I think I'm going to have to look for this book.

Kim said...

I love your blue pineapple doily. I, too, love making them but no one I know uses them. Inspired by your blog I starched the last one I made. Perhaps DMIL would like it. And, pulled out patterns so I can make more. Thanks for sharing.

Jane S. said...

Thank you so much for the Sunshine Award! I'm ridiculously pleased, and very touched.

Jane S.

Knitting is a wonderful thing! said...

Your Blue Velvet doily is just amazingly beautiful! I use doilies all the time in my bedroom. Love the feminine and oh-la-la look it gives.
Don't worry about the family, you have all doily nuts that love it as much as you! Keep on posting those lovely pics of your FO's.
(my first time here, but won't be my last either) ;)