soft as a lamb's ear

lamb's ear:
With fuzzy, silvery green, soft as suede leaves, Lamb's Ears are favored for their foliage, rather than their flowers. They flower on tall spikes in shades of pinkish purple or white, in the late spring or early summer. Some gardeners's find the flower spikes charming and others cut them off to encourage the foliage, as with Hosta. Bees are not so fussy and love the slightly fragrant flowers.


I have another lovely work on my hook. It's one of Mary Werst's doilies ---> Exquisite from her gorgeous book:


I am using my most favorite crochet thread: Aunt Lydia's Bamboo crochet thread, & yes, I almost let out a squeal of delight when I saw that they now offer shades other than white & cream.

This pure pink color is so downy-- it reminds me of the lamb's ear that we have growing in our garden.

It is the softest, most mesmerizing thread that just seems to quietly sing with each stitch.
Not a word to my husband that I am now hearing thread sing to me.....

Because honestly -- it's quite like therapy to feel the uber-creaminess of these stitches forming into this delicate doily.


Sandy said...

Ok Dawn, I had no idea that they made yarn made from Bamboo. I work part time at Intimate apparel store , we have bamboo panties, Cool nights sleep wear made from Bamboo, it's the softest stuff. OK so now I have to find some of this yarn. If it's anything like what we have at the store then I must get some and try it. Thanks!!!!
Sandy :) from Love ya to stitches

sylviesgarden said...

OOOOOOh thats lovely! I love the colour and the doily itself.

Doris Sturm said...

I love bamboo yarn and this pink color is just beautiful...as is the pretty doile you are making ;-)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I'm not saying a thing because I can totally relate. The doily is absolutely beautiful.

Krawuggl said...

I am completely overwhelmed how quick and fast you are making one by one beautiful items. When I have finished one I always need some time to find the next design I would love to make, although there are always many many of lovely and desireable designs on my list. But when it comes to finally start then most are not so very urgent at the moment and it takes ages to make up my mind. You are very different to me, it seems to me that you simply start and make it, all the things you would love to make and use, instead of my neverending wondering and pondering. I definitely admire your way!

Puwi said...

I heart your beautiful doily!!!