plaid diamonds

Plaid diamonds. That's what this reminds me of.

Only it's really entrelac. And as confusing as the technique appeared at first -- it becomes reeeeeeeeeeally addicting once you get the hang of it.
Perfect and precise directions are from this book. And the photos that go along with the directions are exceptional to aid those of us --ahem --who are visual learners.
I had 2 tiny bits of scrap yarn in my stash that I used to see if I could even do this. And now that I am thoroughly smitten with this tunisian-type crocheting, I am going to do more.

The stitch used is actually a tunisian simple stitch (or afghan stitch as it is called in the book) and after searching a million different places for a tunisian how-to, I found this from CrochetSide to be so, so helpful!

This is the backside -- and in my very limited grasp of knitting -- it looks so much like...well...it was knitted.

So now that I am thoroughly charmed by this tunisian-type crocheting, I am going to do more.
I can see a scarf in a red and white plaid.
Hmmm. Time to check my stash.....


Tudy said...

That is neat.

heidi said...

you are right - it really looks like diamonds:)

it's very pretty!

Jelibe said...

I've done a few things in Tunisian! You're right! It is VERY addictive! I've made a cowl and a few hats. There's a knit stitch which really does look like knitting on the right side which you would like. You should check out YouTube for videos as that's how I figured it out and there's a book called Encylopedia of Tunisian stitches which you might want a looksee! I got it out from the library and I was amazed at the different stitches you can do.Happy hookin :D

Rosa Goncalves said...

Oi adorei seu bloguinho adorava o segui, seus trabalhos são lindos parabéns. Beijusss Rosa

Unknown said...

very hard....

Meggie said...

I have often wondered how to do Tunisian crochet & have instructions in a book, but have never tried it.
I am left handed so have to use a mirror to follow pictured instructions- which I find easier than reading about it too!!
Happy New Year.

silvana said...

Auguri di Buon Anno!!!!

Milena Ivanova said...

Happy New Year!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, that looks so cool! I've done some tunisian crochet in years past, but don't ever use it any more. You are doing great with this! Happy new year to you and your family! Twyla

QuiltedSimple said...

how pretty! happy new year!

Silvia Gramani said...


Obrigada pelo seu carinho.
Gosto muito de todos os seus trabalhos! São lindos!

Fiz um broche através de seu tutorial.

Beijos carinhosos Silvia