a passion for purple

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a passion for purple. And not just any purple, but that exquisite purple that has a certain hint of dusty light blue -- the color of periwinkle.
Well, my package from Kris of Quilted Simple arrived yesterday. The one I was so excited to get because I knew that whatever it was -- it was going to be hand-knit.

And when I saw the color of it, I was bowled over -- how did she know? Not only the most gorgeous hue of periwinkle, but this is the cutest, cutest cardi ever!

Very simple said --
1. It's knitted.
2. It's purple.
3. Did I say, it's knitted?
4. But most of all -- I loVe it.


Paqui said...

It´s beautiful.

Evelyn said...

I agree with you, I love it too... It is very nice.

QuiltedSimple said...

I am so glad you LOVE it. I CAN"T wait to see what I get in the mail.....

Meggie said...

What a lovely gift! Love the colour.