caffe latte potholder

Yum. Coffee in any of its flavors or varieties is a liquid love in my every day life.


A mystery wrapped in brown,

A fragile enigma,

Enveloping the senses,

With the earthy steam

Of a bean.

The mind wrapped in warmth,

The essence of dark roast,

Heating from within,

The senses thrill,

With every lingering

Sniff of the aroma

In the mug.

--by Drew K


So I got busy with my mocha colored yarn and added milk white and bright aqua to complement the rich hue of coffee.

And I have seen this lovely potholder pattern that have seen pop up all over the web. Seeing it the first time I would have never believed that it is crocheted as individual blocks and then crocheted in a line with simple border of single crochet. (This is where my daughter wrapped it around her hips and determined it would make the cutest of belts.....hmmm.)

Then a gathering stitch is made through the center of each block and the flower begins to form.

But the real beauty is seen when the corners of each block is finger-pressed to form these caffe latte petals.

It reminds me of the foamy goodness in a steamy cup of caffe latte.


Jennifer Cirka said...

BEAUtiful! Love your color choice!

Paqui said...

Me gustan mucho tus fotografias!!

Evelyn said...

Nice potholder!!! I love the colors you have choosen. White-milk, blue-water and brown-coffee. I love coffee too and tea. I love coffees at Starbucks. When I was in the States last year I tried almost all the flavours.

QuiltedSimple said...

Love it!!! Especially your color choices.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I never knew how to make these! Your's is so beautiful and the colors are perfect! I love coffee too and is my beverage of choice for much of the day. Twyla

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Such beauty.

Meggie said...

Adoration from afar!!!

MailleEnLair said...

I love the colors :-)))

Shirley said...

GORGEOUS! i love the design & colours! :)

Anonymous said...

A great potholder for a beautiful colour combination.

Killiecrankie Farm said...

blue and brown - it's just a great combination - earth and sky - and your work is so perfect (as usual!).

Anonymous said...

Thank you particularly for the assembly photos. It's is similar to the fold back method used on Cathedral Windows quilts.

I have another question I hope you will please answer: I would like to know the post or project/pattern for the first image on the left in your header photo, the blue motif. My email is nshour@comcast.net and I would really appreciate any info you recall. Thank you for a great blog!

Cleideeflores.com said...

Amei teus trabalhos vc nao ten video ou grafico poe favor manda traduçao bjs

Atelier Evart said...

amei seu cantinho não poderia deixar de te seguir bjos

God's Kid said...

That is an amazing looking design!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Precioso trabajo ...felivitaciones :)