back loop only arm warmers & wonky heels

Back loop only -- or blo, if you are talking crochet lingo. Okay. What exactly does that mean?

It means that people like me (completely void of any knitting know-how) can achieve a very stretchy, drapey, liquid-feel, almost knitted look to crochet. It means that I can now crochet a wearable accessory without it feeling bulky, cumbersome or truly wonky (I'll share the truly wonky in this post......) It means that I could just kiss Mary Jane Hall for discovering this!

And where did I get all of this drastically needed information? From her book:

I think she has saved me from myself. Because honestly! I can take the most accurate measurements -- ask my math whiz of a husband to recheck my mathematical calculations (because I stink in this area!) -- measure once more, just to be sure --- and I still get this:

The wonky heeled-sock.

Yikes. Just what is that protruding from the heel? And yes, I measured. And yes, I counted the foundation single crochet correctly. And yes, I tried it on before the fastening off.
Even this sock below ( a different pattern ) that gave the most splendid of all directions for taking measurement 1, measurement 2, measurement 3, measurement 4 of each individual foot should guarantee a perfect sock for any sized foot --- right?!

No! And yes, my frustration is showing -- and yes, I'm scaring everyone who lives with me. Because although this sock turned out super cute and I was just skipping through the house dancing with it -- it. is. not. wearable. Plain and simple the sock will not go over the heel and there's that dreaded hangy-doodle mimicking a so-called heel.

So I definitely needed to take some sort of cleansing breath and started paging through Mary Jane's book and she hit upon something so explainable -- crochet in the back loop only. Aha! She explains that by doing that the garment/accessory will stretch so much more than if crocheting in the front & back loop together....yes. Exactly.

So I dug out some Caron Simply Soft charcoal heather yarn and my J hook and I made these arm warmers --- this pattern, along with many other stunning patterns are in Mary Jane's book -- and I am completely bowled over the drapey-ness of this stitch!

And the patterns in her book --- L.O.V.E. them. Every single one of them.

And now I wait to see if she comes out with a sock pattern.


Dandelion Quilts said...

I am in love with arm warmers...and yours are just wonderfully cuddly! I am so jealous....I have been searching high and low for a perfect pair. You are ready. Bring on the snow.

Evelyn said...

I have just fall in love with the dress of the cover of the book... can you share with me the instruccions?Please, remember, when we are in love... we are so... Congratulations for your arm warmers, we don´t use them in here, it is not so cold in winter.

Anonymous said...

Your sock will fit when done in back loop only. I find that a knitted sock is much more giving than a crocheted sock.


hydrangea hill studios said...

Regardless of whether or not these socks fit, I love the way they look. That counts doesn't it? LOL.
And your arm warmer is truly beautiful. Nice job, Dawn.

slice of crochet said...

Ha! I laughed so hard when I read this! Wonky heels, indeed. Don't worry, Dawn. And don't give up. There are patterns out there that will not have results like yours and remember to block your piece too. That might help. Good luck!

doublecrochet.com said...

A terrific job on the arm warmers. I will email you a sock pattern that has always worked for me.

peony designs said...

The tweediness of the arm warmers will be perfect when the cold weather settles in!

Dandelion Quilts said...

Okay...so I just told you that I liked your banner and went and changed it again. Again..it is very neat.

Tino said...

Cute arm warmers. I'm sure you will crocket the perfect socks at the end. But why not learn knitting socks? ;0) It is so fun, I promise ;0)

QuiltedSimple said...

I LOVE the armwarmers! And it will soon be time to use them daily! On the socks - I leave the knitting of socks to my mother, and I guess she is having a terrible time with the heels. Me - I'd try a sweater:)

Amy said...

Love all the above posts, wrapped all the comments into one.. Love the socks, I am attempting a pair myself, out of Patons stretchy sock.. thanks for sharing, Amy

Jessica said...

Here are a couple of crocheted sock patterns:



Also look for hand knit patterns if that interests you... all sorts of heels!

Janet Rehfeldt has a book or two of crochet sock patterns that might help!