daisies & doilies

The Field Daisy
I'm a pretty little thing,
Always coming with the spring;
In the meadows green I'm found,
Peeping just above the ground,
And my stalk is cover'd flat
With a white and yellow hat.

Little Mary, when you pass
Lightly o'er the tender grass,
Skip about, but do not tread
On my bright but lowly head,
For I always seem to say,
"Surely winter's gone away."
Ann Taylor (1782 - 1886)

Yes, indeed.

A little yellow hat.

Daisies picked from our garden, wearing little yellow hats.

They surely announce spring, don't they? And the pureness of the white petals -- so easily mimicked in this pale crochet thread. So, of course, I must get started on yet another doily...

The doily is called Garden Party and once again -- is a pattern found in the no-longer-published-Magic-Crochet magazine. I am using #7 steel crochet hook and size 10 thread.

And the vase? Oh, my! A thrifted find at a rummage sale. A mere 50 cents.


A perfect color of blue.


meggie said...

What a perfect post!

Sally said...

Oh, my! You WOULD use my absolutely favorite flower in the whole world! I carried shastas in my wedding bouquet (36 years ago!) and they remain my go-to flower even today. I simply MUST learn to crochet....that is so perfect, Dawn....just lovely.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Your vase of daisys and your doily could have been in my grandmother's house! She made the most beautiful doilies. blessings, marlene

Unknown said...

Everything is lovely the doily, the daisies, and the vase. The color looks like a robin's egg.

RG said...

Ditto to all of the above!!
A wonderful post Dawn.
What a delightful pattern...looks so easy and delicate.
Suits the beautiful vase perfectly...and of course I looove 'Daisies' :D

Twyla and Lindsey said...

What beautiful pictures. I love that doily pattern. It just looks so great in white. It's perfect with the vase. Twyla

QuiltedSimple said...

What a perfectly lovely post - Love the doily with the vase - so fresh looking.

SewAmy said...

so beautiful. a daisy is my fav flower. The doily is so beautiful.

Dandelion Quilts said...

How perfect are they. Like peanut butter and jelly...the vase, doily, and daisies are meant for each other.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, Dawn!!!! I am in awe with your crochet doily!

Cheryl said...

I agree with everyone...this is such a wonderful beautiful post. Gotta love doilies...have have some that my grandma and aunts made. Nice to visit your blog.

Rima said...

Came across your blog via For the Love of Crochetalong. This doily is just stunning! Just lovely!


Tzugumi said...

Your doily is simply wonderful, I really love it :)
PS: My cat is quite similar to yours, I published her foto in the right column of my personal blog :)

D said...

This is a wonderful blog. Everything is so nice. I would like to ask, can you post the pattern? Thanx

crochetgirl said...

I ALSO would just love to have this pattern, could you maybe post a graph or a full picture? I really love your blog. Thank you so much!