peony table

The peonies in our garden have opened their glorious, heavy bonnets of pink petals. These must be some of my most favorite flowers.
And can you believe it? Recently rifling through a pile of musty linens at the thrift store, I couldn't believe when I unearthed the three items above! -- the variegated pink crochet dresser scarf, and two delicate hankies.
And with the warm breeze of summer coming through our windows, I was furthered carried away -- and inspired! -- with the beauty of hand-made flowers when I paged through this book:

Page after page of gorgeous ribbon flowers! I never knew of Celia Thaxter before, but am enthralled with her!

All this time the lovely day was slowly changing its early delicate colors and freshness for the whiter light of noon.--Celia Thaxter

Oh my. Such a romantic, heady feeling of inspiration?
My kids (okay. and maybe my husband too.) think I'm pretty weird getting all googly-eyed over such things, but I loooooooove stuff like this.

And yes, I'll continue to get carried away when I see stuff like this.

Maybe just not as loud.

This also from our garden.

The kids were giddy when we found this tiny bunny scurrying through the flowers. And of course, our cat must inspect all new visitors. Or, so she thinks.

But then after marveling over the cuteness factor, we gently placed the bunny down & watched him/her scurry back to his home underneath the leafy cover of safety.


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Dawn. Lovely lovely post! Thanks for the heads up on the book. I am going to have to get a copy!

Suzy said...

Just gorgeous! All of your crochet items are to die for! Wish I had your patience! A-W-E-S-O-M-E! :o)

willywagtail said...

Lucky Peter Rabbit. He escaped! I so love those beautiful doily and hankies. I would buy them just to own them. Terrible isn't it. Cherrie

Tudy said...

I remember my Grandma making hankies an edges for many things. You brought back some beautiful memories for me with your pictures of your finds. Thanks

Robyn said...

Well... again I simply love what you post about.
Simply adore your doilies...there is something so beautiful about crochet lace. My mum made me some with the ladies on them many years ago..mmm..I wonder where they are now?
The little bunny...soooo dear :)
Oh please don't stop posting 'out loud'! I thoroughly enjoy the simple, beautiful things you say and show... You always inspire me Dawn!
Robyn xx

Jackie said...

Oh my, I just love all of your photos. My peonies are also blooming and boy do I love them! Those lovely doilies are just perfect. I think that your kids and husband must be related to mine. Mine also think the same of me. What a cute little bunny!

Knot Garden said...

You are not weird, I totally understand how you feel about these things! Beautiful things and outstanding photos as ever. The daisy post with the white doily is beautiful too.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh my goodness Dawn - that pink is gorgeous! blessings, marlene

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Why do some people like to rain on our parades? Don't they know that varigated pink 'anything' sends us to the moon?! Twyla

Madalena said...

Hi, I'm Madalena from Portugal

I love your crochet. Just gorgeous!

I dont speak inglish very hell, sort.



Nélia said...

Olá Dawn!

Venho agradecer o carinho da sua visita e conhecer o seu blog.
Have a nice weekend

meggie said...

Your posts are such a delight!
I love seeing your creations, & your finds!


Jane S. said...

That bunny and cat picture is about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Love all the goodies you found at the thrift shop.

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