simplicity of a border

I read this in the newspaper yesterday:

Amid the deafening modern whir of electronic devices, "it" bags, McMansions, reality TV and celebrity hijinks, something else has emerged: a craving for simplicity.
Ahhhh. Simplicity. I love that word and everything that it conjures up. And who knew that just by adding a simple border to a simple block could conjure up a more beautiful block?
I was 'pleased as punch' when I started sewing this gorgeous olive print to this otherwise Chubby Robin block. It took some of the cartoonish quality of the block and made it seem more 'put together.'

Adding the butter-cream yellow to the blue fabric was a last minute thought, but seeing it now I am so glad that it came out looking like this. This block is turning out to be my favorite.
Now it's off to the fabric store to buy more simple fabric for the remaining 2 applique blocks.
Okay, how do quilt this wall-hanging? Hand-quilt? Machine-quilt? And what type of pattern do I use? Echo? Stipple? An actual design, such as a flower, geometric design? Help! The possibilities have got me drawing a blank.......
I look forward to reading your ideas & suggestions!


Lisa Boyer said...

Dawn, it's beautiful. The colors, as always in your work, are just wonderful.

Quilting? Since you've put so much handwork in it already, I vote hand quilting. I would applique around the shapes to make them "pop", then put some small quilted images in the bare spots, then crosshatch the rest of the background. It's very traditional...but it's morning here and I'm off coffee, so that's all I got...zzzzzz....

Suzy Quilter said...

What great blocks. So sweet. Whether you decide hand or maching quilting, I would consider quilting a different design in each one to continue with each block's individuality and give it even more interest. Have fun whatever you decide! :o)

Jenna said...

Your blocks look beautiful. I always have a hard time trying to figure out what to do with the quilting too.

Knot Garden said...

I love the colours you used in these blocks.
As the applique is a strong feature, I would keep the quilting simple. You could crosshatch or stipple in the background around the appliques, or just outline them. Some kind of wiggly line or cable could go in the sashing strips.You could make the quilting as dense or light as you like.
However you do it I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

Amanda said...

I agree with Lisa...since you hand appliqued, hand quilting would be perfect.

Your blocks are gorgeous.

This is my first time to visit your blog. I love it!