a chocolate, blue bird coffee cozy

A chocolate, blue bird coffee cozy.

I needed a new coffee cozy for my french press coffee maker.  

So I made a paper template out of scrap paper just by

- holding the paper up to the carafe - 
- measuring it - 
- folding it - 
- penciling it - 
and then simply just cutting out a basic shape to serve as my pattern.

And then ~ I got out my g hook and started crocheting row after row of simple sc until it matched the height of my paper template.  

Notice the little piece I crocheted to the right ... that's where the buttons will go.
Now to dress this up, I figured a cute little cross-stitch pattern would be adorable.

I found this blue bird pattern here.

Using scrap yarn and a tapestry needle I cross-stitched directly onto each 'square' of each single crochet stitch.

Such a perfect combination ...

coffee, crochet & cross-stitch.


Marilyn said...

but where's the chocolate?? I was expecting chocolate...a chocolate blue bird and a cup of coffee... :)
what a whizzz you are at making stuff up as you go...that is such a happy little blue bird and it'll keep your cup of java toasty warm while you think up the next genius thing... love it!!!

Pradeepa said...

So cute! Cross stitching on crochet is always fun.

Jane S. said...

That is really cute! I like the chocolate background, it's a lot warmer than a solid black would be, but the colors still contrast wonderfully. :)

Taciana Simmons said...

So very cute.

Anna said...

How beautiful !!! Mixing crochet and cross stitching !!! The result is adorable !!!
Have a nice day !

Jeanne said...

Great job on this project, Dawn. It looks adorable. Not sure how you find all these neat patterns, but so glad you do and that you share with us the ideas you come up with. :)

Kris said...

That is absolutely adorable!!! I must make one!!! The bluebbird X stitch just makes it perfect!!!
xo Kris

Wendy said...

this is just lovely! I love the design you've put on!

annemarie said...

You truly amaze me - this is a wonderful project. What can be better than crochet and cross stitch combined???

Sonja Loyd said...

So cute,I love the spring stitch
Thank you for sharing

Cornelia said...

Very beautiful! Gratulations from Switzerland Cornelia

Marilyn said...

I have come back to look at your little chocolate creation, 'coz I found my French Press and think I may be using it to make a second cup in the morning...and I will need a jacket for it ... and I like your jacket for it... mine won't be in chocolate... I'll have to see what lurks in yonder box o'Lily cotton... bye... and thanks for the visit Ms. D. :)

Marilyn said...
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Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Adorable! I love the cross stitching. :)

Martha said...

what beautiful blog you have!

love that coffee press cozy - the colours are gorgeous and i love how you combined two techniqes: crochet and cross stitch.

timolea said...

So lovely ! Very good idea !