brown footies

Did you know that you can't find brown footie socks anywhere?  Well, maybe you can & I just shop at the wrong stores.

I have looked & looked & looked for brown footie socks to go with brown shoes & can't find them in any store. 

Black ones.  White ones.  Pink ones.  Polka dots ones.  But never, ever brown.

(And yes, they must be footies because regular socks seem to always fall below my heel in these shoes.) 

So?  What to do?

Find a cool pattern for footies (I found mine here at purlbee) and begin knitting my own pair. 

Now if you had overheard my conversation with my sister a few days ago, you would think me a complete whack-job a bit discontent about this whole knitting thing.

I might have gone off about how hard knitting is -  how I can't knit lace to save my life - how I end up with way too many stitches at the end of the row - how the pattern does not match up with the previous row - how, blah, blah, blah..........

Honestly, I am surprised she just didn't hang up on me.

After sitting around, long after my ranting -- I realized something.  Just because it doesn't come easy, doesn't mean I have to give up.  For some reason, that has always been my mantra (my husband says I do this all.of.the.time.)

So, I am going to fix that. 

And it starts with sticking with the sticks, even when it doesn't make sense or doesn't always end up right.

       yarn: Deborah Norville sock yarn      dpns: Clover Bamboo size 1      sock blockers: KnitPicks 

And it starts right now with these brown footies.


Anna said...

Good start !
In french, we say : On n'est jamais si bien servi que par soi-même.
You are never better served than by yourself...you are the proof !

Lisa said...

If you have access to a Costco, they sell packs of footies in rainbow colors (yes!) and in drab colors, several fabulous shades of brown included. KB is the brand. $10, I love em. Do finish the socks. I make socks too.

Sally said...


Your footies are going to be perfect! Your tension is right on and the gusset is as perfect as one can get....good for you! I'm so proud of your progress!

Rani said...

And you know, if your stitch count is off, you can fudge it like you can with crochet and you'll never notice the difference. Your footies will be wonderful!

Taci simmons said...

They looks great !,, I haven't made socks forever and today my daughter showed me some socks she really likes ... I might try to make them for her for Christmas :) you got me inspired :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, really funny and absolutely beautiful ... :-)
Kisses from France.

Jeanne said...

You know, I think you are right about those brown footies. What does the world have against brown? Plenty of shoes are brown. You and me both must shop at the wrong places, then! Hmph.

I remember wearing footies like that a long time ago....ahhh memories. Your knitting looks fabulous, but I can heartily empathize with you about knitting because I recently ranted about how I am a crocheter and not a knitter. Although, I did just finish knitting a doll's dress for my daughter's 18 inch (but not an American Girl)doll. I've made a pair or two of socks in the past, but mine didn't look as lovely as these.

And, at the risk of sounding like I have no clue what I do when I knit socks...are you supposed to knit them with a sock blocker in place like that or did you just put them on the blocker for photo taking purposes? I don't even own a blocker, but maybe I need to? LOL

Have a great day Dawn and thanks ever so much for sharing!!

Bari Jo said...

You always inspire me! And I really really really want to learn to make socks some day! I have never seen a sock blocker - how cool is that! I think your work looks perfect - and I don't get the needles yet I can't wait to try it some day!

Anonymous said...

You got this! The only way to fail at knitting is to give up. It's such a learning process, and I've always liked that it doesn't come super easy (say that back to me the next time I'm tearing my hair out over a sock heel or lace pattern that I can't get right.) But I know you can do it, and those socks look super smooshy and comfy :)

Northwest Mom said...

what about buying a batch of white footies and then dying them brown? you could tea-dye them, or RIT...the knitted socks will be way more enjoyable, but if you want to wear those shoes often, you'll need more than one pair!

Anabel Luna said...

Hi Dawn ...long time don't see you.Nice pair of socks ....Love the potholder...But I had fall in love with the sacarecrow...he ies adorable,cute and really a lovely one.Like it very much...I will make it next year....Great job!....have a nice weekend .... :0)


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