falling back

I'm falling back on the familiar.

That is -- crochet.

And yes, I am still working on knitting those delicious aquamarine socks, but the progress is slow.  So slow that I wondered if it would be better if I would just hang up my knitting needles.  But then I saw Knit & Crochet Now! and they were interviewing Jean Leinhauser (who has since passed away) and I was s.t.u.n.n.e.d. to hear her say that it took her 20 years to get the hang of crochet!

What!?...This woman is the queen of crochet...and it took her 20 years to get the hang of it? 

Yikes.  I usually give up after 20 minutes of trying something and not getting it.

So, I have silently smacked myself upside the head properly chastised myself for wanting to give up so quickly -- and to say I am inspired & motivated by her is the understatement of the year. 

And no, my needles are not in hiding and even if it takes me.....say....20 years....I will knit those socks.

But in the mean time, the crisp autumn days are upon us and are truly a welcome! 

And that change in temperature also brings the realization that the cold weather brings about some muddy boots and shoes. 

So we need a smallish rug that will not take up a lot of room in our somewhat smallish entry way, and since my husband is under the yearly impression that a huge, black, industrial sized rubber mat (the one he picks out is usually bigger than a football field and almost weighs as much) somehow completes the decor in our entry way...

...well, I disagree and quickly got to work with my N hook, purchased some Lion Brand Thick & Quick Wool-Ease in Wheat and with a simple pattern of

*sc, dc* 

...repeated that for this nice textured, wheaty pattern.

A perfect place for boot & shoes.  And so much smaller than a football field.


"Petunia Pill" said...

Hmmmmm, I LOVE that rug! I just wouldn't want anyone stepping on it and getting it dirty! LOL And you made me giggle with your description of your hubby's idea of a heavy black rubber mat. They are ALL THE SAME! Must be part of Husband 101 class...pick the ugliest thing possible! =) 20 years? That's crazy! Hugs, Annette

Crochet Dude(Rob) said...

What a great idea for a rug I can see doing one for my house. Quick question how do you do the group photos thing I would love to know how.

Aisyah Helga said...

The rug looks lovely! Love the color! Ganbatte, Dawn! You can do anything if you set your mind to it :) Good luck with those socks :p

Jeanne said...

You'll get your socks done, I can feel it! Thanks for the inspiration of Jean L. That gives me hope about knitting, too!

LOVE this rug! What a brilliant concept. We use an old bath towel, but this will be oh so much nicer looking. THANKS for the inspiration here, too!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Anna said...

Great rug, great pictures, love fall for the colors...
Hug and have a cosy week-end.

Miss Prudence said...

what a snuggly ruggly cosy post - I feel very inspired knowing that about Jean

Andi said...

If it takes you 20 years to finish the socks so what. What it always boils down to is the enjoyment of the process. Sometimes it feels like it takes me 20 years to finish a crocheted blanket and you whip out a rug in no time at all.
Your rug is absolutely lovely!

T's Daily Treasures said...

That is the prettiest little boot rug I've ever seen. I tried knitting twice but just could not get the hang of it. I learned to crochet 26 years ago and still am such a novice. Have a great day. Tammy

Krawuggl said...

Your rug is so pretty, love that yarn which looks a bit rustic (if that´s the right english word) and simple and autumny, all the things that I love. And I am sure that one day you will finish your socks, but I so much understand that you have switched to the hook again. For so many years I was mostly knitting, crochet was just a 'side-dish' for summer days in my life. Now I am so obsessed with it that although I would love to make/knit some new hats and socks for winter, I can´t make up my mind to really do/knit it. Love crochet so very much now, but that´s mostly because of so many wonderful crochet blogs like yours. Filled with so many beautiful crochet designs in pretty colours, how could I ever have thought that crochet is just for days when it´s to hot to knit. I am glad and happy that all this blogs exist and above all that I found them, thank you so much for the inspiration and great work!

Conny's Cottage said...

Thats great!

I like it.

greatings from the Nederlands send you Conny

fotolabida1 said...


annemarie said...

Love your rug - the wheat color is so perfect. I wouldn't want anyone to wipe their feet on it - guess that defeats its purpose though! I am a crocheter and have always been one. I feel the same way about knitting as you do - I pick it up and then put it down - only to go back to the crochet. Knitting requires to much brain work - for me anyways!

Claudia said...

Your rug looks sooooo neat and I will definately be making one. Why didn't I think of it myself? I'll be starting.... Thanks for the inspiration and greetings from Germany

Becca said...

The rug looks great! I thought my husband was the only one who insists on a black rubber industrial-sized mat.