roses in the snow

I'm taking a break --- remember?

Plunging myself into a whirlwind of pre-Christmas obligations -- not having time to get any type of thready/yarny things done.

Uh. huh.

That worked....

....until I saw Teresa's fabulous video tutorial for her crocheted Christmas ornament.

So, pushing aside the pile of Christmas cards that need to be addressed; the cookie dough that needs to be mixed; the online ordering of Christmas presents that  m.u.s.t. get done; the menu planning for Christmas eve....I went and hunted for hooks I had hidden & thread I intentionally put out of reach.

And made a roses in the snow ornament.

*thread is size 10 DMC Cebelia
*the hook is my # 7
*and I changed Teresa's flower to the flower from motif #114 from this book:

The tiny green leaves I crocheted from here:

Hmmm.  I think I will give this ornament to Ruth.  She is a special 91 yr. old lady ( and I do mean, lady!) that I have the pleasure of taking care of a few days a week. 

I have learned so much from her! 

Some days I wonder, 'Exactly who is taking care of whom?'

She has taught me that being strong is more admirable than being whiney.  
She has taught me to say thank you even in the smallest of incidences.
She has taught me that when you fall down, you stand back up.
She has taught me that obligations are opportunities.
She has taught me that if you are still drawing breath  -- you still have plenty of things to do.

"This is Christmas:
not the tinsel,
not the giving and receiving,
not even the carols,
but the humble heart
that receives anew
the wondrous gift,
the Christ."
-- Frank McKibben

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Doris Sturm said...

Lovely crocheted ornaments - I just wish my eyes would be better because too much thread crochet gives me a headache, but it sure is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the link.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

SUADDA said...

What a lovely little thing! Yeah, your eyes must be just perfect as you made out to crochet this! =)

Your christmas stocking is just adorable! I love the color-mix too! If you ever get these colors on the christmas tree I would be just happy to have a look ;)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Merry Christmas Dawn! Your post and the ornament are a wonderful gift to us. Thank you.

Kathy said...

Beautiful ornament! I'm not that comfortable with crocheting to try the ornament, but I'm going to look for the book that you used and try the flower. Thanks for sharing!

Misty said...

Like everything you make, this too, is beautiful! I am sure Ruth will be touched by your gift.

Sometimes, the best projects are the ones that make you stop what you are "supposed" to be doing.

Linda said...

This is soooo nice... :)
I am making something similar with my girls at crochet classes next sunday. :)

Anonymous said...

That is just so beautiful, really really lovely. I hope too that you get treated with the same respect that you obviously give to your lady. I know she will really love such a special gift.

Nettan said...

Oh your christmas ornament is absolutely beautiful. And it was obviously meant to be, that you should find this tutorial and make the ornament as a gift for your friend Ruth. I am sure she will be very happy to receive it from you ♥

Andi said...

I love that Ruth and many her age still share their wisdom with us. I work with the elderly with a preventable healthcare program. Their souls are resilent, aren't they? We indeed are the lucky ones to have the priveledge of their time. I think she will fall in love with that ornament.
Super excited that you came out of your break for a bit to share this lovely with us.
Happy Holidays!

Tudy said...

What a beautiful ornament. I think it would be a little too much for the 25 or more I make to give away each year but I sure love it.

Marion said...

WOW...what a beautiful Christmas Ornament...so lovely!
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful Work.
Send you many Greetings,


liset said...

What alovely Christmas ornamaent! It's so delicate, so pure.

Jeanne said...

Such a beautiful project and such a beautiful heart you have Dawn. I'm so touched that you stopped all the "stuff" to create what will surely be cherished by Ruth.

Thank you for the link as well.

Have a beautiful holiday season!

Penny said...

Hello Dawn
I know how you feel when it comes to trying oh sooooo hard to put hooky stuff out the way and then the temptation to crochet just overwhelms you that it MUST bedone ;0)
Your rose bauble is very deicate and very beautiful for your friend of such wisdom, i am sure she will love it. Nothing like your time, thought and hand made goodness for the perfect gift.
Thanks for commenting on my blog, it's oh so nice to meet you xox

Sandy said...

Love your stuff as usual!!!!
I'm crocheting scarves for Christmas.
I do hope I get finished.

Love ya to stitches...

Diana said...

Just beautiful Dawn - always love to check your blog for the latest and greatest - Merry Christimas


regina said...

hai, just blogwalking n found ur blog! you did great stuff!!! likey so much! love love love! merry christmas!:)

Julie said...

Hi Dawn, I just found your blog and am now a follower. That ornament is just stunning. And I see you are a fan of "Beyond the Square", I just got that last month for my birthday and it is fabulous. I look forward to being a regular reader of your blog!

Julie (http://twistedstrands.blogspot.com)

Ana Reyes said...

Hola from Spain Dawn,
I bumped in your blog as a result of bumping in other blogs...I've looked down a great number of your posts and I must sincerely congratulate and thank you. I started hooking about a year ago (or so) I still consider myself a beginner. You create such wonderful things. And your tutorials are easy to follow (English is not my language...)
Couldn't help and send you a message.
Keep going. Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2011.

liz said...

What gorgeous baubles. Such lovely, wise words. Love your blog which is new to me. :)

MiSala said...

Preciosa y muy original!!!
Eres una artista...

silvana said...

Tanti auguri di buon Natale,

liset said...

I understand you had to take a break from your break to make this ornament and show us! It's beautiful!!!
Hope you had a great, great Christmas!

QuiltedSimple said...

Lovely, lovely ornament! Hope you had a Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

so beautiful! and i love the advice of your 91 year old lady... something to take to heart. thank you!!

Unknown said...

Voglio augurarti un 2011 pieno di cose meravigliose e tanta serenità...un abbraccio Antonella

petra said...

They are lovely!! Wish you a very colorfull and creaive 2011!
greetings Petra

Marilee Rockley said...

The ornament is so beautiful! I like the 3 dimensional flower added onto the red background. Ruth sounds like a very special lady, indeed. Very inspiring post, and your photos are excellent.

Anonymous said...

Is there a pattern somewhere? I would like to have it if possible. Thanks

Faith said...

I'm doing these...as soon as my local craft store has the ornaments..thanks for sharing..this is beautiful..and how did Ruth like it?

byhooks4u said...

I just found you through another blog..I am so going to make these ornaments..

Anonymous said...

where is the pattern??

lanette.broski said...

I stumbled onto this blog but I love the patterns along the side of this blog. Is there a way I may get some of these patterns so I may do them for myself? I only speak and read English. My email is I would love to hear from you. There are the most beautiful patterns. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The christmas ball pattern is not on the web. Do you have to order the book to get the pattern.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled onto this blog and saw the ornament picture, but can't find the pattern. Is it posted here or is this one to be purchased? It's beautiful and I'd love to attempt to make four, for my 4 Grand-darlings!
Something to be handed down to their own babies in the future! Thanks for listening!
<')))>< Janie

Anonymous said...

I don't know the difference between the thin cotton crochet yarn. I haven't found DMC but I have found Red Heart in 5, 8 and 10 so I am not sure which one for the red. Can you help me with this?

Julie said...

What a beautiful ornament! Ruth sounds so beautiful too!!!

Unknown said...

From one humble heart to another, Merry Chritmas to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Hello. I was wondering, I found the pattern for your Rose in the Snow Ornament on allfreecrochet.com. When I chose it it took me to your blog, but there was no pattern. Is there any way to get it. It is very beautiful, and is would love to try it out. Thank you for your time.

Unknown said...

I can't find pattern either. It is lovely!

Anonymous said...

I got directed here by allfreecrochet..com, too. On re reading many times I figured out that it is design by using three different ideas.
Here's the first link for the body of the ornament: http://www.crochetgeek.com/2010/12/how-to-make-thread-crochet-holiday-lace.html

I got it from the link posted just below the multiple pictures of the ornament. It says something like, ' I got this from Theresa's video.'
There's also an explaination of where the pattern for the rose can be found and a third place for the leaves.

The bottom line: this doesn't have a pattern, but it shares how three different patterns can be combined to create a beautiful ornament.
Allcrochet.com should have looked into this better.

Hope this helps.


NCouser said...

Such a beautiful post in every way. I'm feeling the love all the way to Sept 2016. Thank you!

LitlBits said...

I've just seen your gorgeous Roses in the Snow Ornament - which was touted as a "free pattern" - but all I saw was a link to a video tutorial. Is there a written pattern available (in English, please!) I'd love to make a few of these as small gifts for special friends - and maybe a couple to send to local Nursing Home to brighten someone's day.

Is there a written pattern, please?

LitlBits said...

I've just seen your gorgeous Roses in the Snow Ornament - which was touted as a "free pattern" - but all I saw was a link to a video tutorial. Is there a written pattern available (in English, please!) I'd love to make a few of these as small gifts for special friends - and maybe a couple to send to local Nursing Home to brighten someone's day.

Is there a written pattern, please?