berry to the rescue

Instead of being 'berry to the rescue' this post should be entitled: 'curse of the crocheted garment'.
Yes, I am cursed.
(And I am saying that entirely in jest, of course.)
But what else could explain my inability to crochet a garment?!  If you know me, I have grandiose ideas & beginnings for beautiful-steal-your-breath-away (ahem. see previous post.....) garments and I either

1 .get stuck and have to rip out the stitches
or I
2. get stuck and have to rip out the entire garment
    not once; not twice; but about 5,000,000 times
    to the point where I just want
    to hurl the entire project out the window set the project aside until a later date.
Okay.  So the progress on my Dragonfly Shawl is not going well.  It has almost resulted in me shedding tears -- I keep adding/losing stitches and rows and......oh, man!......the yarn is so beautiful & fragile.....I hate to see it being ripped back again & again & again & again & again.....
So, berry to the rescue!

Nothin' like a little strawberry coaster to soothe the 'I-can't-do-this' beast that seems to have taken up residence in my house.

Quick & easy.
From this delicious book that I was so excited to receive from Di Pais at Christmas time.

This worked up so quickly that I am quite sure that I can get 4 of them done

w/o any tears,
w/o hurling through any windows, or
w/o the sound of stitches being ripped back.

I used a size 5 hook and size 3 crochet thread and just love the look of the FPdc stitch that makes up the body of the berry.  And with the 'lacy' edging that is simply a shell stitch -- it was a delight to do.

Berry good for my almost --Took Up Anything but Crochet moment. 

...and please tell me that you all have moments just like this!


Killiecrankie Farm said...

your colours are so vibrant - we never seem to have anything like that at our yarn shops :(

the chain stitch on the main is superb, so neat.
and the edging is just great, it certainly looks very complex - if its any help i had to undo the apple cosies four times before i got something that simple sorted out.

good thing i didn't ask about the dragonfly . . . . .

you certainly are a lady with gumption to be trying such fancy pattern :) lol.

Tudy said...

Love the strawberry and of course we have all had those projects. I myself have ripped out many garments. Keep your chin up. I write down my rows as I do them if that is any help to you. That way if I have to put it down I do not lose my place.

Aisyah Helga said...

That berry is so CUTE! I'm sorry to hear about you dragonfly shawl. I don't really like making garments,too,though I'd like to make simple ones. They take up too much time!
I just had that 'moment' last night. I had so many patterns to choose from that I read a novel instead!

Have a great week ahead, Dawn!

Marion said...

Your Strawberry looks great!!!

Many Greetings and habe a nice Week,

Isabelle Kessedjian said...

It's really super nice , I love it!

sylviesgarden said...

I'm so sorry that the Dragonfly Shawl isn't working, it looked so delicate and beautiful. I love your berry though and yes I do have moments just like that.

Linda said...

The strawberry is really nice! As usual - I love those bright colours - photos are wonderful! :)

It seems that there are two types of crocheters - those who do small thingies, and those who are making garments and other biggies ;)
For example, I can't do those little cute thingies - cause it feels to me that it's just not enough - I want more :D Only bigger things give me satisfaction... weird :)

So, I guess every person has to do the thing they're best at :)
Good luck!

Unknown said...

Ciao carissima..come stai???...vedo che produci cose sempre più belle...hai una manualità perfetta!!!! un abbraccio Antonella

glor said...

Well, I have to say that the shawl looks terribly complicated, and seeing your coasters that are so very beautiful. Your crocheting is amazing, such perfect stitches. I would rather make the coasters.

Andi said...

Thank goodness that the Berry came to the rescue. That dragonfly scarf sounds a tad like a big ole headache. :) The strawberry is wonderful!

Cheryl said...

So cute! And it's nice to have something calming to do between the frustrating projects.

I love your photos. Have I mentioned that?

MiSala said...

Your site is wonderful!!!
I've seen your hand to work and I love it.
There are really nice.
We'll keep in touch, see you, bye!
¡¡¡Please translator!!!

Di Pais said...

Hi Dawn,
I'm so glad you loved the book and the strawberries are beautiful - you are so talented!!


Its so pretty!!Such neat work. I want to make them too. Also lovvved the sunflower you made.

Sandra Gouvêa said...

WOW! It's not only the strawberry that is great - the whole blog is great! You're so talented, creative and your work is neat. I admire that.

Please don't stop posting. I want to see more - LOL!

Have a blessed day.


Gabriela said...

Gorgeous!!! :)

Krawuggl said...

As much as I do love crochet I always find it hard to make crochet garments. I often don´t understand the instruction for it, I find it hard to make the sewing then look neat, and above all I find it hard to find a design which is not a bit 'granny' in some way. So it´s good for me to hear that you also have your problems with garments, even if they are different to mine. I frankly even have to say, that I think crochet looks the ever best for small items like hotpads, toasters, bags or even fingerless gloves, or at big projects like cushions and blankets. They look so much beautiful, like your strawberry, it´s fun and bright and happy, you could have never done it the same way with knitting, and that´s the reason I love crochet and especially your crochet so much - pretty little items which make a home more homely, cosy, special and beautiful.
Have a lovely weekend and thank you so much for your nice comment, I appreciated it a lot,

Annemarie's Haakblog said...

It's lovely!

gloria g. said...

Yes, been there, done that. I am working on a doily, that I have taken apart - well too many times to count. I have put it down, and will go back to it. But that strawberry.....I love it! Beautiful. But then, I am a real strawberry girl at heart! Thanks so much for always sharing your beautiful work!!!! I want to do some......

gloria g. in South Carolina

Lia said...

Really beautiful! Seems like knitted. Will take a look at that book too!

Angelica Artes said...

boa noite..
passeando na net descobrir seu blog com lindos trabalhos amei..

Angelica Artes said...

Tenho um blog ..
faz uma visitinha ficarei feliz.. Olha vou te seguir....

Pradeepa said...

I am in love with your blog. Everything in it is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Love everything you make. I love to crochet especially with crochet thread and you do a wonderful job! I am wanting to make that strawberry hot pad and was wondering if you could share the pattern? Also would love the pattern for the doily you called Elegance (lovely). Thanks so much, Pat

Sodacoaster said...

ahh, i have this booklet!! I'm working on the baby bib right now. I am eyeing those coasters too but haven't started them yet.