oh! how I love a dragonfly

If I had to pick a favorite bug -- it would be the dragonfly.
Every time I behold the sheer, translucent, shimmering beauty of the dragonfly's wing -- I am stunned into silence.

And guess what?  There is a crochet pattern that involves a dragonfly.   So to speak.


It is Dragonfly Shawl, designed by Lisa Naskrent and is described as being a

'symphony of elegance with a dance in flight.'

Everything about this pattern is a 'symphony of elegance'!  The pattern can be found here:

interweave CROCHET winter 2008

Now, given the alternative of written directions vs. a diagram -- hands down, I will always pick the diagram.

I mean -- honestly!  I could not wrap my head around any of this:

... s-ch 5 in each ch-5 sp
to first SMK,
[BP-sh-seq, s-ch-5 in next ch-5 sp]
through first ch-5 sp after last
SMK on this side...

What does that mean?!!?
So, thank goodness for a drawn diagram and probably the most delectable yarn ----  Shadow Tonal Lace Yarn in Blue Violet from KnitPicks  in the most gorgeous shade of periwinkle (read ---> my favorite color!)
Being a laceweight, I had a super hard time getting used to using a D hook with a size 0 yarn.  And yes, I did have to frog my first 20 attempts at getting this started.  Getting those first 3 rows going was the most difficult for me.
But, duh! -- after studying the diagram, I realized that the pattern is very, very easy to memorize and now that I can actually see a completely magnificent shawl starting to appear --- I am stealing away as much time as possible to get this done so it can be draped around my shoulders.


Joy said...

I love dragonflies too. hence my biz name of Dragonfly Dawn :-)

MamaLezlie said...

That is really beautiful and I love that color too!

Aisyah Helga said...

Gorgeous color! As you know I love any shades of purple,too! And how can anyone not love dragonflies?? Can't wait to see this finished,Dawn :)

Aussie Maria said...

Such a pretty pattern and gorgeous yarn. Don't know that I could deal with such fine yarn and hook and I don't get graph instructions either. ☺
Can't wait to see it wrapped around your shoulders

Yamel Yanoswky said...

hello, I always come to see your creations are so beautiful .... impeccable weave, I am mesmerized as silly, also wanted to take this opportunity to see if pudieses please share this pattern, you would know thanks a lot .... I hope you are well and thanks in advance. My blog is yamelyalgoas.blogspot.com

"Never Knew" said...

Beautiful! :)

Marilyn said...

You always manage to find the prettiest things....and isn't that the way we learn....rip it out at least five times...and then five more....at least that's what I tell myself.... :)

Killiecrankie Farm said...

I'm with you on dragonflies - it's my favourite bug !
Can't wait to see the finsihed item. The filigree is delicious - I think I must be afraid of small hook sizes :)

Tudy said...

Love the lacy and the purple. Good look.

andi said...

Talent with a big T! I love your color choice and kudos on using the size D crochet hook and with lace weight! That color had me at hello. :)

Shell said...

I cant wait to see your finished result! Your blog is beautiful! I have been checking almost daily for updates!
Fantastic work and great inspiration! I have made a pot holder and as soon as I track down some brown thread I want to make that sunflower! I bought the book just can't find my thread. sniff sniff

Marie said...

Beautiful shawl! Love the color!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Oh wow Dawn! Can we see it ON you?

Mari said...

I think it's so delicately done ,but seems defficult to do as you say . Can you do a tutorial on THE DARGON FLY LACE?Much apperciated thanks:)

Liando los Hilos said...

I think I love your blog and the things that you weave, all I've seen here, out of your hands is a delicate, wonderful, adorable, congratulations on the art you've focused on this site, I follow you forever and you learning from all the nice things in here, to start this shawl that I love and the Tunisian entrelac also very interested in me, excuse the translation, I do not speak English and I helped the translator of google, yet that is no impediment to come see you, greetings and read us very soon.

Creo que me he enamorado de tu blog y de las cosas que tejes, todo lo que he visto aqui salido de tus manos es delicado maravilloso y adorable, enhorabuena por el arte que has concentrado en este sitio, me tienes siguiendote para siempre y aprendiendo de todas las cosas bonitas que hay aqui, para empezar este chal que me encanta y el tunecino entrelazado que tambien me interesa mucho, disculpa la traduccion, yo no hablo ingles y me he ayudado del traductor de google, aun asi eso no es impedimento para venir a verte, saludos y hasta muy pronto.

Carla said...

Oh Wow that is gorgeous.

Your blog is awesome...all that crochet *drool*

Sarah Beth said...

I just happened to come across your blog and fell in love. I am a newbie to crocheting and self taught, so my scope is pretty limited. Hopefully I will someday be able to make as beautiful pieces as you! I'm your newest follower!

xoxo Sarah Beth

Caring Cowls

Carla said...


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog - oh, happy day! I'm with you, the diagram is the way my brain works. Even though I write for a living, I'll take the visual over the words any day.

Anonymous said...

Is there a chance you have done a video for this shawl. I have tried so many times with the diagram and the instructions. I am getting too confused. But YouTube videos are easy for me to follow and I can always rewind and play over and over again. I am Despirate to do this shawl or to find someone willing to do it for my grandmother. I am limited in the stitches I know and she has been holding on to this picture for a few years now. Any advice , please let me know. Thank you. Patricia Condray i12bcnu2@yahoo.com