may flower tote

My May Flower Tote from here is now finished! And just in time as we flip the calendar from April to May.
Never mind, of course that last night snowflakes bigger than baseballs were falling from the sky.......April showers bring May...snowflakes??

I added a crocheted lavendar mum as a sweet embellishmet.
The pattern for the mum I got from this book: ---> and yes, this book is one of my favorites.

(Wildflower HOT PADS & TOWEL TOPPERS by Patricia Hall)

The color of this I LOVE THIS YARN is so completely yummy....

...and with the interior fabric & faux leather handles & lavender mum....well, it is just perfect for all the gorgeous blossoms in our yard. Like this crab-apple tree that just erupts in pinkish petals.
Oh. And that's Jake, our golden retriever sniffing the entire lawn just in case he maybe didn't sniff that section the last time he was outside. Right. Like that is going to happen.

I added foam-core to the inside bottom for added reinforcement and attached metal feet to give it a nice finished look.
I love the month of May.

'(another project that I have started: crocheted motifs that I hope will become a scarf & the Mother's Day card that I made for my mother-in-law)
Have a blessed Mother's Day.


heidi said...

what an amazing piece of work. it is really excellent done!!!

and the result is just beautiful!

Barbara said...

Your bag is lovely,such pretty colors! I really like the liner material.

Anonymous said...

WoW! I am so impressed with how you took a bag from the crochet today magazine and made it all your own! Great Ideas and Tips!!! Thank you!

Tudy said...

That came out very nicely. I love the color.

andi said...

My eyes were having a hard time adjusting to all those lovely colors. Your tote in amazing. Happy Mother's day!

Evelyn said...


Unknown said...

This is wonderful. I love the color.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Dawn you just amaze me! The colors you used are scrumptious. blessings, marlene

Doris Sturm said...

That is by far the most professional looking, well made purse, I've seen handmade. Those feet blow my mind. Where did you find those? The workmanship is excusite and the colos/fabric choices fantastic! What a piece of art! Congratulations and happy Mother's Day to you too!

(p.s. I'm no longer going to crochet purses, only those shopping nets)

Anonymous said...

It's great!!..................................................

QuiltedSimple said...

this is really lovely. happy belated mother's day!

Marilyn said...

That bag is gorgeous and all the finishing touches made it even more so. Such a beauty!!

silvana said...

Bellissima!!! complimenti!
Un saluto

Everlasting said...

As always your work is beautiful. I love this bag and the colors are great. lovely vintage look!

志名 said...
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Krawuggl said...

This bag is simply perfect, very very pretty. I love the lining and the little flower, everything is so neat and you´ve done a brilliant job. The colours match beautifully, I would have never thought that lavender and this kind of blue go together so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful bag. I love it ! Rachel D.

pet dog collars said...

Sad to hear of your condition, with the help of God you will see that everything is going to be alright, but regarding your stitching, they are very good and original, thanks for sharing.

Puwi said...

did you sell it?
how to get it?
I love it!