a purse always takes priority

A purse always takes priority. Even when one has 14,000 other projects in the making.

So, what should fall into my lap? ---> the May/June 10 issue of CROCHET today! and whew! the sheer pleasure of paging through this magazine can alone send me into a complete crochet tailspin.
For me, that is half of the fun ---> seeing every delicious project just sets me on fire.

And yes, purses have made my list of top 5 things e.v.e.r. --- so there was no way I could pass up the May Flowers Tote.

Using this gorgeous turquoise yarn and a size I hook, I began the easy pattern of a row of sc dc. And then a row of sc. That's it!
I want the sturdiness of being able to chock just about everything into this bag, so I chose a complimenting fabric to use as the liner.
And I will crochet some flowers to embellish when attaching the handles.

Definitely the color of pool water. And that is the best color after a soggy, rainy, cold spring.


glor said...

Love, love, love the purse ... the color is my favorite!

goosiegirls said...

It's gorgeous! I can't wait to see it with your fabric and other choice yarns. What a fun project!

L Johnson said...

Fantastic colors and love the straps! It is going to be so much fun!

Solange Lucena e Seus Crochês said...

Sua bolsa esta muito bonita. Parabéns!!

Tudy said...

Very nice and I love the color.

Evelyn said...

A lovely purse. Congratulations.

Miss T said...

I love that! What yarn are you using?

QuiltedSimple said...

it is LOVELY. Mine is holding up fantastically - I use it constantly.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

This is so pretty! Love the color. Have a nice day! Twyla

Marilyn said...

Now I have to make one too!! I have to put down all the other things and take up hook and yarn and begin.....
Thank you for the inspiration and excuse...

勝傑懿綺 said...
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RexTemples20144 said...
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美書 said...
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Krawuggl said...

I could already see how beautiful this purse will be. Such a pretty summery colour and I love your handles. Looking forward to see the final pictures,
with my best wishes,
PS. Did you liked the song?

gill said...

i love this tote - but i don't know this magazine - is it american?
do you know if is it available in the uk ??
i'd love to have a go at this


Meggie said...

Just reading back through all your luscious projects! So lovely each one!