hairpin rosette -- and a case of 'just pinch me'

My dear blogirl-friend from Dandelion Quilts and I were just 'talking' about what you do when someone 'famous' comments on your blog. (She had just had a 'famous' blogger comment on hers and she was giddy!)
So we decided of course, for starters ------> you just pinch yourself with excitement!

This is my very own case of 'just pinch me'. I was recently contacted by FaveCrafts to do a guest feature/tutorial on their craft website.
So I wracked my brain as to what to do?.........

I got out my hairpin lace frame and decided to make a very simple rosette.

And with help from my lovely assistant --a.k.a. younger daughter who so patiently held the frame and stood still while I took pics --

I constructed a hairpin rosette.
The complete feature/tutorial is here.
.....and yes, I am still pinching myself.


Evelyn said...

I was waiting for something new. I love it. I keep on waiting for your next creations. Hi from Spain.

Sally said...

Dawn: Congratulations on the guest blog spo. Yeah, you!!!! I, too, recently had a comment on my own blog from a nationally recognized quilter...made me giddy, too!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Dawn, I mean this sincerely, when I have a comment from you I feel truly blessed! Thank you for each and every one. Your new tutorial is beautiful and I can't wait to go see the rest. Congratulations! Twyla

~~Deby said...

Congrats on your blog achievement...your work is always beautiful..

willywagtail said...

So, so pretty and your colour choices are perfect as in the previous post with your flower squares. You should be hugging yourself with delight over how prettty they turned out. Cherrie

Dandelion Quilts said...

How cool for you! And a great tutorial...really cute!

Unknown said...

I just love it! My favorite colors. Congrats!

Cheryl said...

I love your photos. And your crochet, too!

I had the "famous blogger" moment when someone famous actually linked to me. I was tickled!

Anonymous said...


CONGRATULATIONS! You deserved to be featured.

I love that hair clip -- do you by any chance sell them?

Tudy said...

I have not done hairpin lace in probably 35 years. My grandma taught me how to do it, but back then it was very fine and done with tatting thread. Very close work. I like your version much better. I am sure it is faster too.

Meggie said...

As always, your work is just beautiful. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable I'll have to go check it out.

Evelyn said...

Hi, have a look to my blog, you will meet my first niece. Bye.

QuiltedSimple said...

Congrats! I love them. Now if I could just figure out how to crochet

Lindsey said...

I just love your work! You make it look so easy!! I'm having trouble ready crochet patterns so that's holding me back. I learned how to make a shell stitch afghan for a friend's baby buy watching a video. I would love to learn how to read patterns though. There are so many things to make, it's exciting!