granny squared

I have a great-aunt who is so lady-like in her dressing (she would never been seen in pants -- dresses only!) and unfortunetly has become wheel-chair bound. Being self-conscious about some changes in her legs, she feels the need to cover them. But she still wants to present herself as very classic in her attire.....what to do?

A lap-sized, dainty, crochet afghan sounds like just the answer!

And I have the perfect pattern from this book from Annie's Attic:

"I "hook - Hospitality Garden Pattern - Caron Simply Soft & Bernat yarn

So the granny squares begin. There are buttery-yellow flowered blocks.

And plain whisper-white blocks, crocheted into a pattern that just says ---> a great-aunt lap quilt!


And just look at what I 'inherited' this weekend. While I was working on the above granny squares, my mother-in-law looked over and said,
"Oh, I have some granny-squares that my mother was working on a long time ago."

"And I think there is an afghan somewhere around here that she was putting together, too."

"........would you like it?"

Whaaaaaaaaat?? I had to remember my manners and not race her to the basement stairs.

After rummaging through an old chest of drawers in their basement, she found it!
Don't you just love the vivid colors of these blocks?

I just wanted to drape it around my shoulders and wear it everywhere.
(Yes, that *gasp* you just heard -- is from my husband & children...)

So instead, I will drape it on the chair.


Dandelion Quilts said...

You make me laugh. Look at you finding treasures at your MIL. :) That granny square project you are working on for your aunt is so sweet...I love it, and she will too. What a great niece you are!

Tudy said...

I love the one you are making now, but I am a more pastel person.

Bright colors are pretty but not so many in one place. But I am sure it suits you just fine.

I guess I am too conservative.

Evelyn said...

Nice colours!!!! I love the daisy blanket. I don´t know if this is correct in English but I love that one.

Cheryl said...

How pretty! Your great aunt will love it, I'm sure!

RG said...

I'd have to wear it too Dawn...mwah ha ha ha.. giggle
My boys are used to me and when I tell them to comment like so, they hafta!! lol
Both are beautiful, but I must say I adore the elegance of the white one for your aunt... a perfect gift for a lady.

Leah said...

I love the buttery flowers so sweet.

Anonymous said...

So lovely, Dawn!

I love both of your afghans. The pastels and the jewel tones.


erindesigns said...

Could you show how to crochet a granny square. It seems pretty easy but I am new to the craft and could use some direction. Yours are so pretty and soft looking and I love the bright colors of the one from your MIL.

Thanks! Erin

slice of crochet said...

Oh, I love the pastels in your granny squares! And the vibrant colors in your inherited granny square afghan are so delightful! What a treasure to have in your possession and how lucky for your great aunt to receive her lap'ghan from you.

hydrangea hill studios said...

I found you on a sewing forum and just love your projects!

I'll be adding your to my list of favorites and ...very much coming back for more!

Have a great day, Dawn!

QuiltedSimple said...

Your great aunt will love her blanket - love the yellow daisys on teh white. As for the one you inherited - I'd have beaten EVERYONE to the basement to get to it - love the colors of it.

meggie said...

I laughed with pleasure!
My favourite, however, is your lovely quilt for your Aunt. How goreous.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

The lap afghan is so beautiful and it is so thoughtful of you to make it for your aunt. She is going to love it so much and even more because you made it. The vintage afghan is a great treasure and I'm so glad you now have it to display and love. Your grandmother-in-law would be pleased. Twyla

Celia said...

What a lovely idea your had!
And you're right; the colors of your pink afghan is wonderful!

Knot Garden said...

What a thoughtful gift for your great aunt, and so elegant in those colours. She is sure to love it! The pink afghan is a real treasure, all those lovely colours with the pink!

gloria g said...

Beau-Ti-Ful, I love them both. But if you don't mind me asking, what thread/yarn are you using on the white/daisy granny square? It looks shiney and so very soft. Thanks for sharing everything....you are one lucky gal! Keep up the good work!