more hexagons

While the sun streams through our windows, I can sit & stitch more hexagon petals for grandmother's flower garden quilt.

And my. oh. my. It is because all of you boosted me up SO high with your incredible support & inspiration to work on -- and finish -- these blocks.

Each individual flower block does not take that long to stitch. And seeing them come together -- well, I have to wonder why I stashed this away for so long.

Thank you. You all have charged me with a huge magical dose of initiative to stitch these beauties.


Jackie said...

Yay! More hexagons = more inspiration! I just absolutely love them, but you know that by now. I am so glad you are getting more done. I love to see progress pictures. It is like building a puzzle.

SewAmy said...

love your hexagons. Isn't hand piecing wonderful. relaxing almost.

Cheryl said...

They are really pretty. And I love your photographs.

Dandelion Quilts said...

I love the hexagons, you just keep sewing. Just like the song, just keep swimming. :)

Thanks for the pincushion love. I loved it too.

Robyn said...

More gorgeous-ness.
Make you post a pic on our group :p
We all wanna see too :D
hugs to you!
Robyn xx

Mary Anne Drury said...

One of my favorite quilt patterns .... and you are doin' it proud !!

Granny's Closet said...

I was actually going to try and make this, my granddaugher gave me some of her art work that they put a hexagon together and someone at work told me that there is a quilt that you can make like that...now I can see. Thanks

Anonymous said...

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Mohammad Salauddin said...

Thank you for this post - this is a keeper. I hope to make some of these lovely flowers soon!

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