plates of sherbet quilt

I must first of all, say thank you, THANK YOU to all of you wonderful blogirls who gave me your tried-&-true methods in properly adhering circles! You are all soooooo helpful and I extend to you xoxo for being incredible & inspiring......as usual. And thanks to the beautiful blogirl at knotgarden for (unknowingly*grin*) giving me the idea to name this quilt --> Plates of Sherbet.
The colors are so sherbet-y, aren't they?

Vivid, smooth & vibrant. Just the way our daughter likes things.

And as much as I freeze (okay, feel faint) when thinking about adding the backing, batting and getting this thing quilted, I actually feel a huge surge of I-can't-wait-to-get-this-done!
....it is a good thing I didn't have the 12 children that I first wanted when we got married. Imagine all of those birthday quilts needing to get done.


Anonymous said...

How bright and yummy!
-Holly Schories
Pine River Quilting

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn, So glad your comment section is now working!! Woohoo...and Boo for Glitches!! Love your quilt!! It came out awesome. I hope your daughter enjoys. Although, I am sure she will.

Knot Garden said...

It looks amazing - all your circles look absolutely perfect! You have balanced the colours beautifully. And I love the name :)

Cathie said...

Oh my! That is bright and busy, lol! I would have ADORED it as a teen. Can't wait to see how you finish it off!

LOL, maybe it is a good thing you didn't have 12 kids; you'd never be doing anything BUT birthday quilts. *grin*


meggie said...

It looks fabuous Dawn. I will bet Miss 15 will be so happy to snuggle under that.

Mary Anne said...

THERE you ARE !!! I've been trying to blab (er, I mean leave a comment) for the past couple of days and it wasn't working .... of course I just figured it was my usual computer challenged self at fault ... ANYHOW .... I've been trying and trying to tell you how CUTE that quilt is .... AND ... how stinkin' perfect those circles are !!!!!

Sally said...

Love, love, LOVE that quilt! I might need to make one for myself...or a grandchild...or whoever. Who needs and excuse to make a quilt! Love it!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the quilt - I have a good friend who really, really loves these bright colors. I'm gonna send your blog address to her. Blessings, marlene

jacquie said...

It's working! Love the quilt...bright and fresh...definitely sherbety!

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the quilt - absolutely beautiful. You did an amazing job!!


Anonymous said...

That quilt is awesome! I love the vibrant colors.

Cathie said...

Hi Dawn! I have garden info for you but I don't know what state you live in, and tis different for different places. Email me if you would like to talk about gardening--or if you prefer, you can leave questions in the comments on my blog and I will answer them there. Either way is fine!

Happiness to you!