As I stand here contemplating the next block for this quilt, I am trying to think of something that will show the beauty of our trees with maybe a cardinal perched on a branch singing his melodic song.

But I am also thinking about my beautiful blogirl-friends and deciding whom I should tag. Because yes, I have just been tagged and want to tag most of you that leave such daily inspiring comments. I so, so appreciate your regular visits and come to look forward to/and lean on your uplifting words.

So I will list you for now, but not link back to you. That way if you don't want to be tagged you can email me and let me know that you would rather not play this time. Here you are:

Beautiful Blogirl-friends that I would like to tag (unless I hear otherwise.....*grin*)

Caroline, Dandy, Jackie, Jacquie, Suzy, Adrienne, Marie, Cath, Meggie, Kris, Cara & Amy

(and if you need it---look directly to your left on the sidebar for my email address)


I'll be back soon-ish for the actual tag.


Sally said...

SInce I'm the one who tagged you first, I won't take you up on your offer this time. But I wanted to let you know that I just love this quilt! Each block is so lovely and I find myself awaiting each new block with such tingly anticipation! Keep it up....I love that quilt!

Cathie said...

I'll play!

I like your family favorites quilt blocks, Dawn... can't wait to see what you do next! It's going to be fun watching this one come together, since we get to see it "made from scratch"!

You're quite the inspiration!


QuiltedSimple said...

I'll play - can't wait to see the next finished block in your quilt!!!


SewAmy said...

I am not sure what being "tagged" means. But I'll play.

I love the quilt, I didn't realize how small the "pool" block is. You have got some mighty detail in it.

Dandelion Quilts said...

I'll play. A little cardinal might be darling.

meggie said...

Your quilt is looking wonderful. I love the bright colours you are using.
I will be in for the tag if you like.

Knot Garden said...

I don't mind being tagged :)

Dandelion Quilts said...

Hey Dawn---
Okay, jump back a week or so ago to my purse I made. I did infact see that there is a contest. BUT, a person must apply with a friend. Are you interested? I am sure one of your girls would like a new purse. Let me know if you want to play. Looks like a Sept deadline. I think. I'd double check though.